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5  Musings from Meghalaya:
A Reading of Riquoma Rq Laloo’s Select Poems
Dr. Lakhimai Mili Article  Click Here
6  Need and Importance of English Language for an Engineering Student Rajasi Ray Article  Click Here
7  Self as a Construct in Select Fiction of Michael Ondaatje
K. Shrikarunaakaran Article  Click Here
8  The Position of Linguistic Assistances in the Current Commercial Environment R. Vignesh Article  Click Here
9  The Socio-Cultural Impacts of South Asian Media in the age of Globalisation Dr. Viju M.J. Article  Click Here
10  Students’ Perspective Towards Oral Feedback In Writing Conferences
Abdullah Rajab Saeed Alfalagg Article  Click Here
11  Listen To My Tale! Dr. S. Anita Evelyn
Poem  Click Here
12  Books are my Umbles (poem) Chidanand Navi Poem  Click Here
13  Waiting……, Truth, The Weary Soul
Dr. Lakhimai Mili Poem  Click Here
14 Is Google Translate A Good Choice For English Language Learners? Roby Varghese & Aarti Vats Article  Click Here
15  The Importance of Hands-on-Approach in Learning Practices  Dr Alapati Purnachandra Rao Article  Click Here
16 Cather’s Beginnings – “Friends of Childhood” in The Song of the Lark M. Muthu Deepa &  Dr. J. Jayachandran Article  Click Here
17 The Evolution of Sherlock Holmes in Visual Media  Sharon Alice Christy Article  Click Here
18 Learner Empowerment And The Materials: The Need To Break The   Barriers Dr. R. Vivekaanandhan Article  Click Here
19  Oceans Beauty, Go Green, Bountiful Nature Pramila Kunhunni Krishnan poems  Click Here
20 Tara Chatterjee: An Exemplar Of Mongrel Existence In Bharati Mukherjee’s Desirable Daughters M.MYTHILI Article Click Here
21 The Adolescent Learner – Physical, Social and Emotional Problems of Adolescence Dr. George Kolanchery Article Click Here
22 Pedagogic Value of ‘Inflectional Morphology’ for Grammar Teaching Dr. J.  John Sekar Article Click Here
23 Keki N. Daruwalla, the Indian Swift M. Rajalakshmi Article  Click Here

Interdependence as a Prerequisite for Outcome-Based Learning:

 An Exploration

Dr. J.  John Sekar Article Click Here
25  Author Profiles Journal Journal  Click Here

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