Volume 1 Issue 3 – December 2015

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5  Social Media: Transforming Communication and Social Interaction Dr. Divya Walia Article  Click Here
6  Microteaching as an Effective Tool In Faculty Development Programmes Prof. M. Deva Santhanam Pillai Article  Click Here
7  Nature and Women: A Unique Story of Struggle! Mamta Sharma Article  Click Here
8  Literature Is The Source Behind The Process Of Learning Language Dr. A. Madhusudhana Rao Article  Click Here
9  The Idea of a Nation: A Post-Colonial study of Amitav Ghosh’s The Glass Palace Anand Dampella 


Article  Click Here
10  A Terrible Day: Hudhood G. Satyanarayana Poem  Click Here
11  Decolonizing English Studies – The Kerala Experience Dr. Santhosh V. M. Article  Click Here
12  From Awareness to Acceptance: The Queering Of Bollywood Ms. Charu Agarwal Article  Click Here
13  Generational Differences and the Diaspora in Amy Tan’s The Kitchen God’s Wife and Helie Lee’s Still Life with Rice Dr. C. Isaac Jebastine & Sweta Ravindran Article  Click Here
14  ’ MY VISION ………” Manju George Poem  Click Here
15  A Gender Study in Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss A. Cruz Thivagaran Article  Click Here
16  Understanding Motivation in Language Learning Srinivas Bandameedi Article  Click Here
17  Sociocultural And Linguistic Perspective of John Fowles’ Novels Dr. S. R. Chaitra Article  Click Here
18  True Joyous Heart Jana Samuel Rajiv Kumar Poem  Click Here
19  An overview on Educational Commissions/ Policies Post-Independence in India Chidanand Navi Article  Click Here
20  Challenges of Change Affecting the Curriculum: Cyber Age Dr.Harish Kumar Singh Article  Click Here
21  Les Miserables: Justice Delayed or Denied? Dr. M. Moovendhan Article  Click Here
22  Crushed In Blood Abdul latheef Vennakkadan Poem  Click Here
23  Lights, Camera, Action: Activities In ESLClassroom In Pursuance Of Language Learning Milind M. Ahire Article  Click Here
24  Novels Of Kavery Nambisan – Voice To The Silent A.A Vijaya Jyothi& Dr T Samba Siva Rao Article  Click Here
25  Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence: The Inevitable Silence of an Indian Woman Khushbu Akash Trehan Article  Click Here
26  TRIED AL(L)WAYS BUT IN VAIN Joseph Kumar Kakumanu Poem  Click Here
27  Mathew Arnold as a Critic of English Literature –With Special Reference to Functions of Poetry Dr. George Kolanchery Article  Click Here
28  T. S. Eliot: Contemplation through Indian Theology Gitartha Goswami Article  Click Here
29  Home Environment and School Adjustment on Academic Achievement among Secondary Level Students Dr. N. Vasuki & Angel Micheal Raj Article  Click Here
30  Difference between the performance of extrovert and introvert EFL learners on task-based information-gap, opinion-gap and reasoning-gap activities Reza Gholami, ElhamSermanshahi, Ali Azadi, RajanPeriannan& Reza Vaseghi Article  Click Here
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