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5  Creative Use of Internet as ICT Resource For The Teaching And Learning Of English Language In Nigerian Schools Febisola Olowolayemo Bright Article  Click Here
6  Revisiting Classics, Across Boundaries, Through Indian Cinema Dr. Mrudula Lakkaraju Article  Click Here
7  A Deconstructive Analysis Of Louis Macneice’s
“Prayer Before Birth”
Dr. S. Joseph Arul Jayraj Article  Click Here
8  Beckett’s Distinguished Style Of Fiction Among Contemporary Writers Mohammad Motiee Article  Click Here
9  Designing Syllabus For Advanced Level Communication Skills In English: Issues And Possible Solutions Dr. S. Barathi


Article  Click Here
10  A Raging Voice Against Marginalization In MeenaKandaswami’s Poems
Liquid Tragedy And Another Paradise Lost
Anoop S.Varrier Poem  Click Here
11  Learning To Live Creatively: The Possibility Of A Language Education Curriculum Sofiya K.M.
& Dr. A. Hameed
Article  Click Here
12  A Phantasmagoria Of Myths And Lores: An Ecocritical Study Of The Legends Of Khasak Nimisha.K.Jayan Article  Click Here
13  Boosting Communication Skills For Engineering Courses In India Through ABET Criteria N. Hema Article  Click Here
14  ’Representation Of ‘SELF’ In Art: A Critical Analysis Of The Self-Portraits Of Two Contemporary Women Painter-Amrita Sher-Gil And Frida Kahlo Dr.Guneeta Chadha Article  Click Here
15  Technological Aids In English Language Teaching Dr Alapati Purnachandra Rao Article  Click Here
16  From Screen To Stage: Approaching Adaptation ShaniMol C.K Article  Click Here
17  Input-Output Hypthesis:Using Animation Cartoons In The ELT Classrooms To Produce Comprehensible Outputs In English Maqsood P
&Ashhar M Mansoor
Article  Click Here
18  Resistance As A Form Of Historical Need: Analyzing Manjula Padmanabhan’s Harvest Prasanth. P S Article  Click Here
19  Animals Living In The World Of Aravind Adiga’sThe White Tiger K R Surendran&
Dr. C. S. Senthil
Article  Click Here
20  The Scope Of Differentiated Instruction In The Secondary ESL Classrooms Dr Aboobacker P P&
K T MuhammedHashim
Article  Click Here
21  Group / Pair – Based Learning: An Interactive Approach To Promote Active And Effective Learning Climate In The ESL Classroom Dr V.R. Jeyasala Article  Click Here
22  Teaching English as a Second Language to Vernacular Students: Some Issues and Challenges Vadlamani Padma Article  Click Here
23  The Emergence Of ICT Revolution And The Need Of Integrating ICT To Improve Academic Standards In Higher Education And ELT In India Dr. Viju M.J. Article  Click Here
24  Human Responses To Environment: ‘A Literary Aspect’ Dr. Rajshree Kapoor
& Prof. SankalpJogi
Article  Click Here
25  Woman Between Tradition And Modernity In Mahashwetadevi’s Breast-Giver Dr. Nasreen Banu M. Jamadar Article  Click Here
26  Integration Of Education Technology For Acquisition Of Language And Communication Skills Through Use Of Language Lab Inganti (R) Madhavi & Prof. C.L.L. Jayaprada Article  Click Here
27  Young Adult Fiction: A Bailiwick In Recent Fictions Of India Dr. A. Padma Priya Article  Click Here
28  Diversified Components Of Communicative Competence Hamid Hamdan Mohammed Article  Click Here
29  Postmodern Language Pedagogy Dr. J. John Sekar Article  Click Here
30  Edmodo And Padlet As A Collaborative Online Tool In Enriching Writing Skills
In Language Learning And Teaching
S. Sangeetha Article  Click Here
31  Amorphous Identity In The Postmodern Novels Of Susan Howatch
Dr. Kala Chandrasekaran Article  Click Here
32  Employability Skill Development At Preparatory Programmes: Current Situation, Implications And Solutions
Dr. Binu James Mathew Article  Click Here
33  Vulgarity in Literature According to Aldous Huxley
Dr. George Kolanchery Article  Click Here
FairoosaThasneem.A Short Story  Click Here
Dr. S. Anita Evelyn Poems  Click Here
Mamta Sharma Short Story  Click Here
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