Volume 1 Issue 1 – JUNE 2015

1  Cover Page – June 2015  Journal  Journal  Click Here
2  Board of Editors  Journal  Journal  Click Here
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5  Language Policy In India Prof. Dr. Gerhard Leitner&
Prof. Pramod Pandey
Article  Click Here
6  ESL/EFL Students’ Use of Conjunctions to Maintain Cohesion in Academic Writing Abdullah R. Alfalagg Article  Click Here
7  Recipes Of Hybrid Identity:Anglo-Indian Food Culture And Ethnicity In Allan Sealy’s The Trotter-Nama Dr. Anvar Sadhath Article  Click Here
8  Of The Writers’ Ire …… E.S.Chandrasekaran Article  Click Here
9  O Mother, I Wish You Were Here! Mamta Sharma Poem  Click Here
10  An Introduction to Language and Linguistics in Modern Perspective Chidanand Navi Article  Click Here
11  R.K. Narayan’s ‘The Guide’ -A Study of the Subconscious Dr. Geeta Kapil Article  Click Here
12  Re-defining the Role of Literature in General English Classes Dr. J. John Sekar Article  Click Here
13  Manjula Padmanabhan’s Harvest: An Exploitative Dystopia Najiya C Article  Click Here
14  The Marginalized: A Postcolonial Reading of Mahesh Dattani’s Plays Rajasi Ray Article  Click Here
15  Anjali Bose In Bharati Mukherjee’s Miss New India: A Woman Empowered in Reality Dr. Shasikala P. Article  Click Here
16  The Stride Sree Prasad R Poem  Click Here
17  English Language Teaching And Literature; Changing Trends & Needs In Professional Colleges Bathula Srihari Rao Article  Click Here
18  The Role of Positive Interdependence in a Multicultural Second Language Classroom Sunil Dusinge Article  Click Here
19  Training: An Indispensable Tool For The Development of Soft Skills Constituting Communication Skills Of Engineering Students And Professionals N. Uttham Kumar, S. Preshnev, M. Anbumani, R. Gowthaman Article  Click Here
20  Towards Bio-centrism: An analysis of the Select Eco-poems of W. S. Merwin  T.Vishnu Priyan Article  Click Here
21  Apollo And Mammon: The Portrayal Of Money In Literature Dr. John Wallen Article  Click Here
22  A Prayer From The Womb Saju Abraham Poem  Click Here
23  Analytical Components of Morphology In Linguistics  Dr. George Kolanchery Article  Click Here
24  Author Profiles  Journal Journal  Click Here

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