Volume 1 Issue 2 – September 2015

1  Cover Page -September 2015  Journal  Journal  Click Here
2  Board of Editors  Journal  Journal  Click Here
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5  Evolving a Blend–Model Test Design for Common English Courses at Tertiary Level: Prospects and Possibilities Abdul Latheef Vennakkadan Article  Click Here
6  Approaches, Techniques and Methods for Teaching English as a Native Language B. Allen David Isaiah Article  Click Here
7  Independent Learning through a Video Clip Manju George Article  Click Here
8  Realistic Attributes Of Punjabi Society: A Critique of Ajmer Singh Aulakh’s Plays Amandeep Kaur Article  Click Here
9  History as Narrative in Shashi Tharoor’s Riot Mrs. Beena Thomas &
Dr. Claramma Jose
Article  Click Here
10  An overview on Educational Commissions/Policies before Independence in India Chidanand Navi Article  Click Here
11  Autobiography and Historicism in Ramadevi Choudhuri’s Into The Sun: An Autobiography P.Gandhimathi Article  Click Here
12  Learning Soft Skills From Art And Music A.K.Gopi Krishna and P.Kousar Basha Article  Click Here
13  Rush Of The Hour Kakumanu Joseph Kumar C Poem  Click Here
14  A Woman’s Search for Identity in Adultery by Paulo Coelho Mamta Sharma Article  Click Here
15  Reimagining Home: Reading Images of Homeland in Select Asian Diasporic Fiction A.K. Mohamed Ali Article  Click Here
16  Unperturbed!!! P. Sambabu and Dr. B. Mrunalini Sasanka Poem  Click Here
17  Using Innovative Methods for developing the Sub-skills of Interactional Competence of Regional Medium Learners Sudeepthi Dondapati Article  Click Here
18  Diaspora and the Indian Diasporic Writers Dr. Usha Masram Article  Click Here
19  Race, Gender, Multi-Ethnicity and Cultural Poetics/Politics of AudreLorde K R Vijaya Article  Click Here
20  Honor Killing of a woman in Bapsi Sidhwa’s ‘The Pakistani Bride’  Dr. Nasreen Banu M. Jamadar Article  Click Here
21  Element of Self-Reflection in the Essays of Charles Lamb Dr. George Kolanchery Article  Click Here
22  Author Profiles Journal Journal  Click Here

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